Rental Cars, Trucks, and Vans To Get You There

Road trip? Moving day? Ride-share with the team? Choose Cincinnati Ohio’s premier rental provider. With compact cars, box trucks, and everything in between, we’ll get you in the right vehicle so you can get where you want to go.

What Do I Need to Rent?

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Economy Car

Black Nissan Versa sedan rental

Intermediate Car

Black Hyundai Elantra sedan rental

Full-size Car

Nissan Altima sedan rental

Intermediate SUV

Black Nissan Rogue midsize SUV rental

Standard SUV

Santa Fe SUV Rental

Full-size SUV

Black Toyota Highlander Large SUV rental

Luxury SUV

White Ford Expedition large SUV rental

Pickup Truck

Silver Dodge Ram pickup truck rental


7 Passenger Minivan - Toyota Sienna

Conversion Van

9 Passenger Van - GMC Explorer

12-Passenger Van

Large Ford Transit Van Rental

15-Passenger Van

12 Passenger Van - Ford Transit

Cargo Van

White Chevy Express Big Van Rental

Box Truck

White GMC Savana box truck exterior

Cheap Rental Car Rates in Cincinnati

Book online or call one of our experienced reps to reserve your choice of vehicle for the most affordable price. Located 25 minutes north of the airport (CVG), we’re a no-hassle, neighborhood-based rental car company that is experienced in putting our customers first. Reserve with us today at one of our three convenient locations.

Class of vehicles available

Sedans, SUVs, Vans, and Trucks