Long-Term Car Rental Options

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What is a long-term rental?

Mike Albert Rental considers a long-term car rental as renting a car for 30 days or more. When planning a long-term car rental, rental terms can be a predetermined amount of time or a month-to-month. While customers have the option to rent for an extended period, they also can lease a car for a short period of time. How are the two different?

Short-term car lease vs. long-term car rental

While leasing and renting are common alternatives to buying a car, the two are different due to aspects like flexibility, mileage limitations, and insurance coverage.

Short-Term Car Leasing: required background check, contract, and a designated period of time in your car of choice. Most leases are two years or more. Shorter lease terms are possible; however, they can be hard to find.

Long-Term Car Rentals: no contracts or credit/background checks. Long-term rentals allow for month-to-month renting and more flexibility.

Reasons to rent a car long-term

There are several reasons you may need a car for an extended period of time. By choosing a long-term car rental, you’re choosing the convenience of a vehicle that fits your needs at lower costs and shorter commitments. Here are a few of the top reasons we see our clients, both businesses and individuals, renting cars long-term:

  • Freeing up capital for larger investments in their business.
  • Increasing need during a busy season for additional vehicles.
  • Visiting an area for an extended period and needing transportation for themselves, family members, or coworkers.


Some more technical reasons we see are:

  • No loss of value or depreciation to their own car while in use.
  • Flexible terms allow customers to rent for as long, or short, as they like, exchanging vehicles based on personal or professional needs.
  • Ability to rent a variety of vehicles from the newest model of cars, SUVs, and vans at a fraction of the purchase cost, plus no down payment.


Cheap monthly car rentals and deals on long-term rentals

When you commit to a long-term rental, deals and discounts are often offered. At Mike Albert Rental, we offer special pricing for our long-term renters. Pricing is determined by vehicle class, time rented, and insurance coverage. Call one of our experienced reps today for your long-term rental quote at 513-554-2900 or fill out a form to have a representative contact you.

Long-term car rental FAQ

How many miles can I drive per month?
The maximum is 2,000 miles per month.

Can I pay for additional miles?
Yes! Additional miles are $0.15 / mile.

Are there one-way rentals?
At this time, we cannot accommodate one-way rentals. Mike Albert Rental is a local business, so all rental vehicles must be returned to one of our three convenient locations in the Cincinnati area.

Can you rent a car for the month?
Yes! With a long-term rental, the minimum requirement is 30 days of continuous rental. You can also extend your rental on a month-to-month basis for as long as needed.

How much does a long-term rental cost?
Cost is dependent on the vehicle type, miles driven, amount of time, and insurance. Please visit mikealbertrental.com for pricing.

Long-Term Car Rental Options

What is a long-term car rental? We consider renting a vehicle for longer than seven days as a long-term car rental. Do you have a trip or need an extended rental?

Check out your options with Mike Albert Rental:

Rent directly from our rental division and select your class of vehicle and the exact number of days you need. Reach out to our Mike Albert Rental team to find an affordable long-term car rental.

Subscribe to a car.

What is a car subscription service? Subscribing is like renting a car but with more perks. You can choose your car class, have it delivered directly to your door, and swap your vehicle monthly if you’d like. Not to mention that maintenance and insurance are also included. This option is best for those who need to rent a car for longer than a month. Plus, you can pause the program and return to it when you need to. Visit the Subscribe with Mike Albert website to apply today.

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