Economy Car Rental

From Mike Albert

Economy cars are the smallest type of car you can rent. They are good for city driving and suitable for four people for shorter trips and two or three people for longer trips.

Economy car rental features

  • Four doors
  • Five seats
  • Two bags


Each of Mike Albert’s economy car rentals have different specifications and body styles, but share similarly sized engines, dimensions and luggage and passenger space.

Nissan Versa rental

The Nissan Versa rental offers a spacious back seat, roomy trunk, and great fuel efficiency. It also is:

  • Ideal for parking in crowded cities
  • Comfortable
  • Dependable

Chevy Spark rental

The Chevy Spark offers a five-speed manual drive and is easy to weave through slow-moving traffic. Additionally, it’s:

  • Quiet
  • High quality
  • Effective

Hyundai Accent rental

With a six-speed manual drive, the Hyundai Accent rental is ideal if you’re looking for an easy-to-operate efficient car rental. Hyundai Accent also has:

  • High durability
  • Sleek styling
  • A no-fuss interior

Why choose an economy car from Mike Albert Rental?

There is a lot to love about these smaller vehicles. Their efficiency and convenience make them a logical choice for couples and small families. Economy car rentals simplify parking issues and make traveling through urban environments a breeze. Many people choose an economy car rental for the following reasons:

  • Easy city driving
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Short road trips

Please note that booking rental car is representative of the vehicle class you are selecting, and we cannot guarantee the exact make and model. We guarantee you will receive the class of vehicle you book or we will upgrade you to the next available car class.