Pickup Truck Rental

From Mike Albert

Pickup truck rental features:

  • Five passengers
  • 53-foot cargo space
  • Powerful V6 engine
  • Up to 22 MPG

Dodge Ram rental

Along with luxury-grade interior and a refined contemporary look, the Dodge Ram also offers:

  • A smooth ride
  • Innovative features
  • A powerful V6 engine

Chevy Silverado rental

This stylish pickup truck rental is perfect if you want a solid vehicle that gets the job done. It also boasts:

  • Best in class safety features
  • Great off-road driving
  • A tough but sleek exterior

Need to haul something oversized? Looking to meet contractual work demands? Or do you just like the look and feel of a hefty truck? A full-size pickup truck rental is perfect for:

  • Yard work
  • Moving
  • Carrying supplies and materials
  • Supplementing replacement work trucks
  • Seasonal or contract work demands

Truck rental – unlimited miles

When you go to reserve your pickup truck rental, you can select an unlimited mile option. Whether you’re having an epic road trip or just want the freedom to drive as far as you like, we have great unlimited mile options for truck rentals.

Short-term options for trips across town

When you have big plans, you need a big truck that fits the bill. It could be a weekend project, a work assignment or a move across town in inclement weather. No matter what your plan is, we’ve got you covered for your pickup truck rental needs.

Please note that booking rental car is representative of the vehicle class you are selecting, and we cannot guarantee the exact make and model. We guarantee you will receive the class of vehicle you book or we will upgrade you to the next available car class.