Minivan Rental

From Mike Albert

Minivan rental features:

  • Seven to eight passengers
  • Six bags (three large, three small)
  • Up to 26 MPG

This family friendly vehicle is ideal for a big trip. With user-friendly tech features and a high-quality interior, a Honda Odyssey rental or Toyota Sienna rental can fit your needs.

Toyota Sienna rental

With a great fuel economy, the Toyota Sienna is roomy and comfortable. It also boasts:

  • Many safety features
  • Upscale interior
  • Clean styling

Honda Odyssey rental

Ranking near the top in the minivan class, the Honda Odyssey has a powerful engine and other high-end features, plus:

  • A smooth ride
  • Extra cargo space
  • A responsive infotainment system

Please note that booking rental car is representative of the vehicle class you are selecting, and we cannot guarantee the exact make and model. We guarantee you will receive the class of vehicle you book or we will upgrade you to the next available car class.